[en-us] Optimize Mobile UX with short URLs

Everyone who likes read about best practices in usability and user experience (UX) may remember that heuristic by Jakob Nielsen: Recognition than recall and this include make URLs more easy to recognize and remember.
On Information Architecture articles and books, good URLs are frequently associate with friendly URLs, like the URL of this blog posts instead of, as example, "http://www.myblog.com/post.php?id=1235652".
However, as more users are accessing websites from mobile devices, friendly URLs may not enough to represent good URLs by two main factors:

  • Input field to type URLs is too small. So, URL must short to be seen, so the user can check spell easily and correct it if needed;
  • Even with QWERTY keyboards and touch screen, type words in a small screen still needs more effort than a desktop/notebook screen. So, type the URL must be less tiring as possible.
Thus, the popularization of URL shortener website like tinyurl.com, migre.me, 1l.to, bit.ly and so many others is not only helpful to share links on microblogs or even present a short links to friends. It can be as a solution to adapt the concept of friendly URL to a mobile context.
This can improve UX by:
  • Reduce time to complete the task of type a URL
  • Make this task less stressing
  • Make URLs more easy to see and more easy to remember
Mobile websites and applications introduce new paradigms and challenges for UX. It's time to get out of the comfort zone and keep make researches in order to evolve UX concepts.
This is just my initial thought of this issue but I want to know how we can expand the discussion of URLs for mobile devices or even more mobile UX aspects that need discussion.

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