[en-us] New portfolio, new blog, new language

Hello People! As I presented my new portfolio this week, I decided to also redesign my blog and introduce a few changes.
First, I apologize my brazillian readers, I haven't writing since July 2009 due to my Completion of Course Work. Fortunately, everything gone good and I was successfully approved! Now, I'm a master student at the Federal University of Sao Carlos, working with Human-Computer Interaction.
Now, I fix a commitment to post articles regularly on the new blog. Oh, and the great change: now it will be bilingual! I don't know if Blogspot has some translator plugin, but for now I'll be indicating the language on the blog title (i.e.: [en-us] Title; [pt-br] Title). Not all posts will be in both languages (image-based posts may be published only in english).
I'll be also importing the posts from the older blog to this blog.
Well, that's it for now, "stay tuned" ;)

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